Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service

Professional Cleaning Service

One of the most important ways to help secure a good tenant is to ensure you have properly prepared the property for viewing, and eventual moving in. As many landlords know, chances are the tenant will leave your house looking much worse than they found it, unless there are strict terms in the tenancy agreement forcing them to restore the property.

During the moving process, there is often a lot of dirt that is left behind as movers troop in and out. In the process of sorting out items for packing there is also some waste generated. Long use of carpets, where installed, can also call for a thorough cleaning.

If the house is furnished, spring cleaning of the entire unit may be required to restore it to its previous glory and suitably impress potential tenants. This means hiring professionals to come in and sort out the mess left behind. Here is a simple guide provided by the top home cleaning service in San Francisco, to help you narrow down to a suitable choice of professional cleaner you can call upon whenever you have a tenant move out.

  • Ask around – just as when seeking a recommendation for a doctor, or even the best restaurant in town, you simply need to ask around. Many homeowners these days take advantage of home cleaning services to make domestic work easier. most providers are flexible enough to work both regular jobs and one off deals. Talk to your family and friends, and any other property owners you know. Chances are they will be willing to share the contact info as many providers offer discounts to clients for referrals.
  • Assess your need – carry out a walk-through the property and list down the cleaning work you will require to be done. Ideally, cleaning should be carried out after any repairs and repainting have been done. It should be the final step just before you start advertising the vacancy. Once you have the list of cleaning services you need performed, you can check with the list of prospective cleaners to find out who can provide all, and request for quotes.
  • Check their license, bonding and insurance – a licensed and bonded firm will protect you from the consequences of theft or damage to your property during the process of cleaning. Insurance is to ensure that should any of their staff be injured on your property, their insurance will take care of any compensation or medical cost.
  • Ask for a guarantee – especially where the costs involved are steep, you should find out if the provider offers a guarantee for work performed. In this way if you are not satisfied by the results, they can come back to redo it, or give you a refund. This should be included in the terms and services of the contract or quote to avoid any dispute.

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